Lubianka was formed at the beginning of 2009, from the union of several members of Venus Anadiómena together with musicians from several other bands. With Lubianka they got squarely in psicodelia

Krautrock is one of the most influence in the universe of Lubianka.

At the end of 2015, the German label Tonzonen Records released the second album of Lubianka, “Cerimònies”. The edition is in vinyl format, 500 180gms exclusive copies in black and golden vinyl. From its publication the album has had a wide worldwide echo, with an important number of reviews and interviews in the media.

In setembre of 2017 Lubianka has released a DVD named “Lubianka: Sessions al desert dels Monegros” that recreates live performance at Monegros desert.

Currently, Lubianka is presenting the new album, 4.0.

Lubianka’s live shows are frequently supported by visuals that constitute the perfect wrapper to get in a trip, where sound are combined with poetical interludes. Lubianka’s concerts grow in intensity to reach spaces of apparent peace which expand again and explode.